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    When my husband told me that he wanted to get a tattoo, I really was not sure what to think. Neither of us had ever talked about wanting one, and it just never really entered my thoughts that he would want to get a tattoo one day. I went online to learn more about it, because it was just so foreign to me. I was really surprised after I read a good bit about tattoos, and I thought that it would be okay for him. I did ask him to consider temporary tattoo s first though, since this could be something where he would change his mind after having one for a few weeks. Continue reading »

  • Blog Comments Off on I Know How to Use Cloud Computing Now

    I did not know a lot about cloud computing, even though I had obviously heard of the term before. I knew that people would use a cloud to store different bits of data, like music, photos and electronic books. What I did not know though was that cloud computing is something that is integral and critical to businesses. When I started my own small business, I did not use a cloud for my business needs. It was not because I am old school or anything like that. It is just that I did not really understand how it would be of any use to someone like me.

    When my computer was stolen and I lost some records, I realized that I was doing it the wrong way. I had been thinking of a cloud in a very limited way. Continue reading »

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    I had a very basic website for years. I mainly used it to give out information since I used my storefront for actual sales. When I decided to transition my business to the online world as well, I knew that I was going to have to find a company that does web design in bangkok. There was not way I would be able to keep the existing website and be able to generate the amount of sales I would need to completely do the transition. I knew that I did not have the skills to do something so major, which is why I went online to see if I could find a company that jumped out at me.

    That is what I do anytime I am looking for something online. Continue reading »

  • Blog Comments Off on It is Always Important to Be Cooperative with People Who Mean Something to You

    I have no way to plug things in outdoors for getting things done around the buildings that I manage. So, I typically need to find things that run on petrol. For example, I have been looking at good pressure washer reviews so that I can clean up the building where I rent different units out to tenants. I like to keep the place looking nice so that people are interested in renting from me, rather than going some place else.

    When my tenants call me to let me know that there is a problem, I also like to jump to quickly and get things done for them. I remember being at a landlord’s mercy in the past and having trouble getting them to come fix things. This caused me to get frustrated and move elsewhere. Continue reading »

  • Blog Comments Off on Learning to Save Money a Dollar at a Time

    I was thinking how the money was being spent at our house. It is the same way it is spent at your house-one dollar at a time. First, let’s consider your mindset about money. Would you pick up a penny you saw on the sidewalk? I would. Money is money. People talk about nickel and diming done by stores trying to squeeze money out of you. We do it to ourselves. We waste money a little bit at a time. Yes, about a dollar at a time. Adding it all up got me to first go to a website looking to save money on our electric bill. That was the first step.

    The monthly savings was not enough to call it a fortune, but the yearly savings was a considerable sum. Then I tried to get a better rate on all of our utilities and insurances. We were only locked into our health insurance for a year. Oh, and we had the TV and cell phone contracts that were up in three months and six months. Definitely renegotiating when they are up. Continue reading »

  • Blog Comments Off on Working on My Computer Science Degree

    I have been working for a long time to get my computer science degree. In fact I have been thinking about since I got into high school. I knew a guy back then who was dating my older cousin. He was about twenty five years old and he had a real nice car and he was looking to buy a little house. It was obvious to me that this was a good way to make money. RIght now I am focused on learning how to develop mobile apps. That seems like the wave of the future to me. If you look at the way things are developing, then you would realize that PC sales are pretty stagnant. Continue reading »

  • Blog Comments Off on Learning All About Affiliate Marketing

    When I first started learning about passive income, Ewen Chia was a name that I kept coming across. I did not know anything about this person, but I was definitely intrigued because of the amount of times that I saw his name on different affiliate marketing websites. I decided to do a search for an Ewen Chia review because I wanted to see if this person was legitimate. It is not that I don’t trust people, but I know that there are a lot of people who will steer a person wrong online.

    Since I was just starting to learn about passive income, I wanted to make sure that the people I learned from were not just out for themselves. Continue reading »

  • Blog Comments Off on Made a Couple of Bets Today

    I have been in London for about a week and it does not look as though I shall be coming home soon, even though I am not really getting a lot done the past few days. I have been waiting for my last appointment, who was called out of London on an emergency and is still on his way back. Today I spent a bit of time at a bookmaking establishment and I decided to make a few tennis picks while I was there. Of course I was going to watch the matches anyway since I had nothing else to do unless I wanted to take a sightseeing trip, but I had already done that yesterday. I hired a London cabbie and the two of us went all over the old part of the city. I gave him my phone so he could take photos of me at various landmarks. In fact he was a superb guide and I gave him a nice tip at the end of the trip. Aside from this delay I was quite successful on this trip over. Continue reading »

  • Blog Comments Off on Diets That Help with Gout

    I am starting to develop problems with gout, and I am afraid that it is going to really change my life if I can’t stop this disease and reverse its course. My hands are already starting to become disfigured from the inflammation associated with gout. That has led me to look up information on craysor.com on dairy and gout and try to learn about different foods that can help to prevent gout and to get rid of it, once you have already started to develop it.

    I am not sure if the debilitation that has already occurred can be reversed. But at the least, I think that steps can be taken to ensure that it does not get worse than it already is. I have seen people with really severe gout, and often times they look like they have barely functional hands. Continue reading »

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    Your data were sucessfully submitted. We will come back to you shortly. For further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via Mail.

    Best regards
    Antje Boback

  • Blog Comments Off on Innovative bioreactor technics

    I  will present you some more information about the program topics. In this blog I would like to present you innovative bioreactor technics in phototrophic biotechnology.

    Phototrophic biotechnology comprises the integration transfer from results from the fields of biology, physiology, biochemistry and high- end-process technics of lower plants, like phototrophic microorganisms, fungus, mosses, duckweed, ferns, lichens and lycopods, plant cells and tissue cultures.

    Phototrophic microorganisms are a very diverse group of microorganisms. Microalgae can be found due their enormous physiological and morphological diversity all over the world and receive globally a high interest.Through innovative further developments especially in the area of closed photobioreactors the application of phototrophic microorganisms gets economically relevant in R&D, the industrial application as food and feed additive. It also can be used as replacement of pharmaceuticals (especially antibiotics, antivirals ) as source for amino acids, vitamins, valuable metabolites, veterinarian and human medicinal preparations, as colouring agent in aquacultures, in systems for cleaning and regeneration of waste waters and as energy source.

    All these developments led to the various photobioreactor designs worldwide.IGV GmbH develops and designs various systems which are partially patented

    • Sterilizable screening and cultivation reactors with diameters up to 50 mm and lightening by fluorescent tubes or LED
    • FDA conform sterile pump powered photobioreactors (volumes:  2 L to 100 L)
    • FDA- conform sterile airlift principle photobioreactors (volume up to 130 L)
    • Closed laboratory photobioreactors with glass tube diameters of 40 bis 49 mm (volumes: 25 to 500 L)
    • Transportable Screening- Photobioreactors  (various sizes PSM 2 up to PBR 2000 GC)
    • Closed production size photobioreactors with glass tube diameters of 49 to 65 mm (volumes: 1000 to 85,000L)
    • Laboratory plate reactors with layer thicknesses of 16 mm  (volumes: 10 L to 1000 L)
    • Production size plate bioreactors with layer thicknesses of 32 mm (minimum  volume 20,000 L)
    • Ultra thin layer bioreactors with layer thicknesses of 0.2 … 1 mm
    • Bioreactor of stirrer tank type with light input by sideward’s radiating light ducts or LED-Tank- airlift system up to 300 L (low-cost- reactor)
    • User oriented measure and control technics für photobioreactors, incl. visualization technics
    • Complete systems, incl. separation and drying equipment.


    If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

    With warm regards,

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