• I have been working for a long time to get my computer science degree. In fact I have been thinking about since I got into high school. I knew a guy back then who was dating my older cousin. He was about twenty five years old and he had a real nice car and he was looking to buy a little house. It was obvious to me that this was a good way to make money. RIght now I am focused on learning how to develop mobile apps. That seems like the wave of the future to me. If you look at the way things are developing, then you would realize that PC sales are pretty stagnant. They sell a lot of PC’s, but most everyone already has one. In fact there are not much real need for a truly great PC any more. A mediocre PC is going to do pretty much everything that most people are going to do on their desk top computer. Everyone all over the world is going to have a smart phone now, or at least every person who is not completely destitute. In India that is what passes for the universal electronic device and the same is essentially true in China as well. You have a market for your apps that numbers in the billions. You do not even really have to sell them the app. You can do that of course, but you can make money by selling ads that run on the free version. No one is going to love you for giving them ads, but they are not going to want to pay for it. It is a really big market and you have to figure out how to find a good topic on which to build the app, something that is really needed.

    Posted by George McLean @ 5:30 am

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