• I have been in London for about a week and it does not look as though I shall be coming home soon, even though I am not really getting a lot done the past few days. I have been waiting for my last appointment, who was called out of London on an emergency and is still on his way back. Today I spent a bit of time at a bookmaking establishment and I decided to make a few tennis picks while I was there. Of course I was going to watch the matches anyway since I had nothing else to do unless I wanted to take a sightseeing trip, but I had already done that yesterday. I hired a London cabbie and the two of us went all over the old part of the city. I gave him my phone so he could take photos of me at various landmarks. In fact he was a superb guide and I gave him a nice tip at the end of the trip. Aside from this delay I was quite successful on this trip over. I managed to get a number of contracts negotiated and the bigger ones were the ones that I got done. If I could succeed in getting this last deal done it would be a really great trip, easily the best one that I have ever had. I am not going to complain too much about the down time. I spent a good afternoon in an English pub. I got into a rather interesting conversation with this other gentleman who was watching the tennis as well. It seemed to me as though he was some sort of Socialist or Communist. He was definitely not a big fan of our beloved United States or it’s foreign policy. I was thinking about some of the guys I know who would have punched him out.

    Posted by George McLean @ 5:35 pm

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