• I have no way to plug things in outdoors for getting things done around the buildings that I manage. So, I typically need to find things that run on petrol. For example, I have been looking at good pressure washer reviews so that I can clean up the building where I rent different units out to tenants. I like to keep the place looking nice so that people are interested in renting from me, rather than going some place else.

    When my tenants call me to let me know that there is a problem, I also like to jump to quickly and get things done for them. I remember being at a landlord’s mercy in the past and having trouble getting them to come fix things. This caused me to get frustrated and move elsewhere. But my people tell me that they are really happy with all the work they do. I have become friends with many of them, and we never have any problems. They even love to surprise me at Christmas with token gifts of appreciation, which makes me happy. They always thank me for all that I do around the place.

    I guess I just like to treat people how I want to be treated. I think that is few and far between in this world. I don’t know why. But we all matter, and making sure to act as a team with others helps us all to get further in life. Me keeping my building up makes the people who live there happy. And when they are happy, it means that they can live life happier. It keeps them from having to worry about whether or not they will come home to a flooded bathroom or a kitchen sink that is backed up. Everyone needs to work together.

    Posted by George McLean @ 4:31 am

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