• I did not know a lot about cloud computing, even though I had obviously heard of the term before. I knew that people would use a cloud to store different bits of data, like music, photos and electronic books. What I did not know though was that cloud computing is something that is integral and critical to businesses. When I started my own small business, I did not use a cloud for my business needs. It was not because I am old school or anything like that. It is just that I did not really understand how it would be of any use to someone like me.

    When my computer was stolen and I lost some records, I realized that I was doing it the wrong way. I had been thinking of a cloud in a very limited way. I was thinking of it as only storing entertainment files like music, books and pictures. I was not thinking of it as a useful resource for storing business files. I did have some of them backed up, but I hadn’t backed up my current files for nearly a week. It was just a matter of having to go through physical records and recreating those files, but it was a lengthy process.

    I knew that I had to change how I was doing things. I could either start backing up every single day, or I could join modern times and learn more about cloud computing for my business data storage needs. I was able to find a website that explained all of this in language that was easy for me to understand, and it did not take long for me to realize I had been going about this the hard way for way too long. I am now using cloud storage, and I feel much better about my online records now!

    Posted by George McLean @ 9:30 am

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