• I am starting to develop problems with gout, and I am afraid that it is going to really change my life if I can’t stop this disease and reverse its course. My hands are already starting to become disfigured from the inflammation associated with gout. That has led me to look up information on craysor.com on dairy and gout and try to learn about different foods that can help to prevent gout and to get rid of it, once you have already started to develop it.

    I am not sure if the debilitation that has already occurred can be reversed. But at the least, I think that steps can be taken to ensure that it does not get worse than it already is. I have seen people with really severe gout, and often times they look like they have barely functional hands. Fingers can become so twisted and deformed that I doubt I could do even use a computer, or some other mobile device, if the same sort of gout were to happen to me.

    But I am confident that it will not get that bad for me, because I will do everything to make sure it doesn’t happen. Gout really scares me, and that is appropriate, because it is a scary disease. I have enjoyed a fairly active lifestyle for most of my life, and I do not want to risk losing that. If I couldn’t go out and do the things that I like to do, then I know that I would become pretty depressed. And then there is the pain that associated with gout. I do not want to have to live a life of pain and suffering. That is definitely not for me, so if I have to drastically change my diet, then that is what I will do.

    Posted by George McLean @ 9:30 am

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