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    That is what I do anytime I am looking for something online. Continue reading »

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    I have no way to plug things in outdoors for getting things done around the buildings that I manage. So, I typically need to find things that run on petrol. For example, I have been looking at good pressure washer reviews so that I can clean up the building where I rent different units out to tenants. I like to keep the place looking nice so that people are interested in renting from me, rather than going some place else.

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    I have been working for a long time to get my computer science degree. In fact I have been thinking about since I got into high school. I knew a guy back then who was dating my older cousin. He was about twenty five years old and he had a real nice car and he was looking to buy a little house. It was obvious to me that this was a good way to make money. RIght now I am focused on learning how to develop mobile apps. That seems like the wave of the future to me. If you look at the way things are developing, then you would realize that PC sales are pretty stagnant. Continue reading »

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    Please visit our current sponsors. You need more information about the possibilities and advantages of your sponsorship? Please read on mentioned below.

    Since 1992, in an intervall of two to three years, scientists and practitioners do meet on the initiative of the IGV GmbH and the European Society of Microalgal Biotechnology in an international and well regognized algal biotechnology conference, to discuss progresses on the fields of microalgal use in food, agriculture, environment, pharmacy, and cosmetics.

    Meet the leading scientist.

    This workshop established an interface between basic research of scientific institutions, the resulting developments, application possibilities, and it’s production-technologies in companies working in the microalgal-biotechnology industry. You will have the opportunity to meet the leading scientist in the field of microalgal research as well as many interesting industry partners.

    To enable students and East European scientist to participate at the workshop, we ask you to sponsor the arising costs for those scientists.

    Please do support us.

    Because of the complex offers during our workshop the arising costs couldn’t be financed solely through workshop fees and us. We do need your help to make this workshop a success.

    Choose your “Sponsoring packages”.

    You can choose from different kinds of sponsoring packages. Of course we will be open to other individual wishes. The overview you can find here.

    We thank you very much for your sponsorship already in advance and we hope to hear from you soon.


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    You can choose from different kinds of “Sponsoring packages” as follows. Do you have more individual wishes? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


    Supporter Sponsor Package A

    The sponsoring includes:

    1. presence of corporate logo on the internet page of the workshop
    2. use of the sponsoring for own communication purposes

    Price EUR 2000


    Silver Partnering package B

    The sponsoring includes:

    1. presence of corporate logo on the internet page of the workshop
    2. use of the sponsoring for own communication purposes
    3. incl. 1 conference ticket

    Price EUR 3500.


    Gold Partnering package C

    The sponsoring includes:

    1. presence of corporate logo on the internet page of the workshop
    2. exhibition area or presentation space (2m²) with power supply in the foyer of the IGV
    3. use of the sponsoring for own communication purposes
    4. possibility to give a 10 min company presentation during the conference
    5. incl. 2 conference tickets

    Price EUR 7000.


    Diamond package D

    The sponsoring includes:

    1. presence of corporate logo on the internet page of the workshop and all print documents
    2. exclusive naming and promotion of one of our key events (Welcome drink, Gala Dinner, Award)
    3. exhibition area or presentation space (4m²) with power supply in the foyer of the IGV
    4. use of the sponsoring for own communication purposes
    5. possibility to give a 20 min company presentation during the Workshop
    6. incl. 3 conference tickets.

    Price min. EUR 10,000.

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    Program June 4, day 1


    • June 4

      Welcome address from the organizers Peter Krteschmer, CEO IGV GmbH, Günther Schulz, President of the University of Applied Sciences Lausitz and Vince Ördög, professor at the Univeristy of West-Hungary

      Vision: Where we are and will go by Otto Pulz

      Session 1 – Photosynthetic efficiency (PE)

      Amos Richmond, Emeritis Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, Strong  light  dilution – a  major  key  for  peak  photosynthetic  efficiency  in  mass  cultivation  of  microalgae

      Qiang Hu, Arizona State University, USA, still open

      John Benemann, MicroBio Engineering, Inc., Photosynthetic Efficiency and Biomass Productivity of Microalgae Mass Cultures

      Marcel Jannsen, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, Maximal photosynthetic efficiency of microalgae growth

      Seyedeh Fatemeh Mohnsenpour, Heriot-Watt University, UK, Investigation of the effect of light wavelength conditions on microalgae growth rates and photosynthetic pigmentation production


      Session 2 – Biodiversity of phototrophic organisms

      Vince Ördög, University of West Hungary, Hungary,Promising lipid producing microalgal strains in the Mosonmagyaróvár Algal Culture Collection

      Jürgen Polle, Brooklyn College of CUNY, USA, Discovery and Development of Strains of Microalgae for Phototrophic Biofuels Applications

      Avigad Vonshak, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, Strain selection for mass production of algal biomass in out-door systems: Concept and findings

      Olumayowa Osundeko, University of Manchester, UK,Isolation and characterisation of microalgae from municipal wastewater for sustainable biodiesel production

      Serge Zagermann, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany, A low-cost approach for large algal screening experiments


      Session 3  – PBR designs

      Otto Pulz, IGV GmbH, Germany, Light, microalgae & photobioreactor

      Rosa Rosello Sastre, KIT, Germany, Solarbiofuels Research Centre

      Stephan Matthes, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Biogenic Design of a Flexible, Tubular Photobioreactor for the Large Scale Production of Microalgae

      Peter Bergmann, Subitec GmbH, Germany, Cultivation of thermotolerant and thermophilic phototrophic microorganisms in Subitec‘s flat-panel-airlift (FPA) photobioreactor in view towards cost reduction and sustainability enhancement


      Additional scientific speed talking session & poster session & Industry exhibition

      Gala Dinner at Belvedere on the Pfingstberg, Potsdam

    Program June 5, 2012


    • June 5

      Session 4 – Molecular biological approaches

      Bernard Kudla, Eco-Solutions SA, France, Optimized Natural Evolution “One” Powerful approach for microorganisms improvement

      Birgit Arnholdt-Schmitt, University of Évora, Portugal,A functional molecular marker approach to improve ‘balanced algal productivity’ – the case of Chlorella vulgaris

      Thorsten Heidron, Bioforsk, Norway, Design and characterization of molecular tools for a Synthetic Biology approach towards developing cyanobacterial biotechnology

      Peter Waldeck, IGV GmbH, Effects of acetate feeding on lipid accumulation and photosynthesis in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii


      Session 5  – High value products- backbone of traditional microalgae biotechnology

      Sammy Boussiba,  Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, Commercial production of high value product from microalgae

      Ana Santos, University of Coimbra, Portugal, Biomass productivity and fatty acid accumulation of Neochloris oleoabundans under alkaline-saline conditions

      Koen Goiris, KAHO Sint-Lieven, Belgium, Phenolics in microalgae: a forgotten fraction with high antioxidant potential

      Mike Fahrwick, EVONIK Industries AG, Germany, Algae in cosmetic application

      Frederika Gulfot,  Simris ALG AB, Sweden, Blue is the new green: the market promise of microalgae


      Session 6  – Biofuels: potentials vs. limitations  

      Jean Ballandras, AKUO, France, Building a peak production electricity model with Micro algae biofuel

      Still open EADS, France,

      Pat Leung, CRI Catalyst Company, USA, Hydrocarbon Fuels from Biomass using IH2 Technology

      Mario Tredici, University of Florence, Italy,Integration of photosynthesis and photovoltaics allows to achieve a positive energy balance of algae-fuel production

      Michael Kroeger, Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH (DBFZ), Germany, Overview on biofuel production pathways for algae

      Nita Rukminasari, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia,Enhanced lipid production of three microalgae Dunaliella tertiolecta, Nannochloropsis sp and Scenedesmus sp by manipulating of cultivation condition

      Anne Klok, Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands, Continuous TAG production by the green microalga Neochloris oleoabundans under nitrogen limited conditions

      Additional poster session + Industry exhibition + Tour through the labs

      Summer BBQ at HQ IGV



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    The venue place of the conference IGV GmbH which is situated in Brandenburg, on the outskirts of the regional capital Potsdam and the German capital Berlin. Nuthetal is well connected and can be reached easily by various means of transport.

    Map information (GPS)
    Lat  52:21:12N  (52.35324)
    Lon 13:06:17E  (13.10486)

    How to reach us

    By car.

    Nuthetal / Bergholz-Rehbruecke is situated near the motor way A115, which connects  Berlin with the interchange Nuthetal (A10 / Berliner Ring). Please exit at “Saarmund” and follow the signs in direction to Potsdam. 200 m behind the petrol station you arrive at the IGV.

    By train.

    The IGV is located  app. 5 walking minutes from the station Potsdam-Rehbruecke. Regular train connections will bring you to the Berlin main station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof) in app. 30min. Other public transport is available like trams (connection time to the Potsdam main station 10min) or by bus.

    By plane.

    Due the delay of the opening of BER Berlin Brandenburg the old Berlin airports Tegel and Schönefeld will stay in operation. From these airports you have access to public transport or taxi.

    Hotel Accommodation

    Please arrange your travel and the hotel by yourself in time.

    There are two airports in Berlin. The distance to the Potsdam city center is from the Tegel airport 33 km and from the Schoenefeld Airport 56 km.

    This year we again work togehter with Potsdam Tourism Service, which can help you with making reservations. We agreed on several discounts with local hotel.

    Nonetheless we will offer as in the last years a shuttle service from the hotel Mercure.

    You can make the reservation whether using the link below or by printing and filling out the pdf. Please mention the following code: TMB 00020080010547576.

    Link to the hotel reservation.

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